What does a testimonial look like?

A website testimonial showcases the quality and success of a site’s products or services. Testimonials often come directly from customers and serve as a successful marketing method. A testimonial can include:

  • Customer Experiences
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Photos
  • Video ReviewsCustomer Quotes

Testimonials can be very powerful for helping to establish trust and encouraging visitors to buy, sign up, fill out a form, or take whatever action you are after. For websites and online businesses testimonials can be even more useful than traditional businesses because visitors are often skeptical or hesitant to trust someone online.

Website testimonials can be displayed in different ways, and we’ll take a look at more than 15 examples in this post. Hopefully these examples will give you some ideas that can be useful for your own projects. Here you’ll find some that use video, photos of customers, quotes from reviews, and more.

Desk’s homepage includes a testimonial in large text with a the customer’s logo.


Jazz’s has an entire page dedicated to why customers have chosen them. It’s clean and simple, featuring customers reviews in a “spotlight” format.

Dot easy has an entire page dedicated to customer testimonials.

The Pricing/Join page of ElegantThemes includes an area after the pricing options with an option to view more testimonials.

Theme fuse includes a customer testimonial near the bottom of the homepage. On the left of the testimonial, there is an option to view a few more.


WPZoom’s homepage includes a few testimonials from happy towards the bottom of the page.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has a page dedicated to case studies, which are just like more detailed testimonials.


The StudioPress homepage rotates through testimonials, with photos, from people who are highly influential in the WordPress and blogging community.


Subernova’s homepage shows quotes from several reviews, and in some cases links to those reviews.


FreeAgent’s buzz page includes a video testimonial and several other brief text testimonials.

Business Catalyst

The Business Catalyst homepage shows several testimonials, listed as “partner stories”, with photos. Each one includes a link to a more detailed case study.

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