Fashion designing is an interesting and creative career option where you can show your eye for detail. Plus, it is glamorous too. But will just love for designing clothes help you in becoming a good fashion designer? Fashion designing industry has become highly competitive today. If you want to pursue a career in this industry, you will have to work harder and develop several skills. A degree in fashion design is the most obvious and convenient study option in order to become a fashion designer. In addition, visual arts and general design or graphic design degrees will provide you the required skills that will help you excel in the fashion industry.

Study a degree in fashion design learning about the art

A fashion design programme will help you in getting greater knowledge about the subject and understanding everything about the fashion industry in detail. Fashion degree curriculums introduce you with knowledge about art history and fashion design history and then you will get more in depth with fashion skills and techniques, clothing textiles and more. You will engage in many practical hours and exercise sketching, drawing, combining textiles, clothing and accessories. Additionally, you will attend fashion shows and events, workshops taught by professionals and experts in the field and get an idea of what it is to develop and manage a fashion house. By the end of either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in fashion design, you will have developed an extensive portfolio containing your fashion design work and ideas.

Study a degree in visual arts – understanding the craft

Some of the fashion designers of today have completed an arts or visual arts degree. Some of these study programmes focus on combining theories and practices from painting, drawing and photography, ideal for fashion designing. Learn techniques like collage or digital imaging, how to use and interpret various design elements, and understand a wide range of materials like textiles, plastic, leather, etc. A visual arts course will give you a broad perspective and you will learn how to play around with your creativity and how to influence ideas in various areas, from paintings and sculptures to clothing or interior decorating. After completing a Bachelor or Master degree in visual arts, you will be able to master the use of colour, manage to give abstract ideas a visual form and attain a high level of craftsmanship.

Study a degree in design – piecing everything together

Whether you choose to study design or graphic design, you can easily use the skills you will attain during these studies for a career in fashion design. Design degrees are meant to develop your creative and innovative thinking and mainly, you will learn how to plan and create something interesting and attractive out of nothing. Design students learn to explore various methods and uncover unique opportunities in order to build a high-quality product that is aesthetic, useful and also answers customers’ needs. Bachelor and Master students of design programmes will master techniques for the graphic representation of spaces and surfaces, but will also have advanced knowledge of ergonomics, marketing, product design and design research.

Where to study fashion design?

  • Fashion Master programmes in France
  • Fashion Master programmes in Italy
  • Fashion Master programmes in the UK
  • Fashion Master programmes in the US
  • Fashion Master programmes in Sweden

Career prospects for fashion design graduates

After graduation look for job opportunities as:

  • Clothes designer
  • Merchandiser
  • Public relations specialist
  • Brand manager
  • Fashion consultant
  • Photo shoot stylist
  • Fashion journalist

3 key steps to take for a successful career in fashion design

The fashion design industry is highly competitive and sometimes a great talent is not enough to land a job or even survive in the field. To ensure your success take a look at three factors. Here is a list of useful skills that you’ll need to make sure you can build your way up in the fashion business.

1. Make the right contacts early on

Start meeting people in the industry as early as possible, preferably while you are still a fashion design student. This will increase your chances of landing a good job after graduating. Keep your eyes peeled for paid or unpaid internships and do your best to establish good relationships and connections; it’s much easier to land a job on a recommendation than trying on your own to convince others you have what it takes.

2. Decide on your niche in the fashion industry

Most people can’t do everything. That’s why you’ll have to decide what avenue of fashion most speaks to you and specialise in it. But don’t worry! You’ll have time to figure it out during your studies. Fashion Bachelors will build the groundwork for your success, while a good Master’s degree will help you specialise. Figure out if you prefer men, women or children fashion designing, sportswear design, accessories design or tend more towards the business side of fashion in marketing management or merchandising.

3. Develop a business-oriented mindset

Most famous fashion designers admit that they have a business acumen. Business and marketing skills are essential in order to promote your work so you’ll have to get involved in mainly all the aspects of your fashion design work, and not just the creative process.


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