UNIMORE, the acronym for University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, is not simply a clever acronym, it actually describes the University itself which is MORE. In fact, as a graduate student from UNIMORE, I can assure that this university has such a rich choice of courses, international destinations and traineeship opportunities that you might be quite confused at the beginning of your studies. If Modena has caught your attention either as a potential Exchange Program destination or a foreign University in which developing your higher education, there are five important things you have to know about UNIMORE and especially Modena.

1) Modena – a city made for humans
Located in the very centre of the rich region of Emilia Romagna, Modena, with an average population of 200,000 is a city which concentrates in a small area a lot of facilities, cultural sites and events, places for students and of course a famous university.

Thanks to its central position in the region, Modena is easily accessible from other cities either by train or by bus and also is only 40 kilometres away from Bologna and the airport. Another positive aspect is its size, it is not so big to become dispersive and chaotic but is also enough rich in day life and nightlife opportunities, such as clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. The bus and tram system are very efficient and well organized and some bicycles are also available for tourists and students. The last important aspect for students, especially, are the rent prices and accommodation. Modena is normally quite expensive but if you are looking for a room or a shared flat, some of them are available at a low price. These are the ones you can find in university noticeboards which are normally quite cheap and close to the university. Instead if you are looking for a university residence in Modena you can ask ER.GO, the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education.

2) UNIMORE – a qualified university with a wide variety of courses

UNIMORE is recently being ranked among the top 8 universities in Italy according to the research assessment CIVR, and especially the master course in “Languages for Communication in Businesses and International Organizations” has been awarded as one of the best courses in Italy. Moreover, the university is now part of the High Technology Regional Network and has got over 300 international exchange agreements and cooperation programs. Within its 12 faculties, there are a lot of courses specifically made for everyone and there are also some courses taught in English in order to be easily accessed by international students. There are some fields which are very famous in the region and in Italy, for example, the education field in Reggio Emilia, the economic field in Modena as well as the languages, the mechanic engineer and the medicine courses in Modena. Thanks to its popularity, Modena welcomes every year a lot of students from all over Italy and the world. At last but not least its Language Centre is well-organized and offers a wide choice of language courses and official examinations.

3) Daylife and nightlife in Modena
Being a student nowadays means not only study hard and being competitive and successful in your studies, it means also having an active social life which helps in tackling the stress. Well, Modena is perfectly made for students exactly because it combines a lot of events dedicated to them. For example, every week there is a meeting in a central café dedicated to Erasmus students or every Sunday there are the “happy hours” in every café of Modena which are attended by tons of students and young people. The libraries are modern and well furnished, open for long time and attended by a lot of students. Moreover, there is the University Sports Centre (CUS) which organizes a lot of activities and a lot of swimming pools and soccer fields are available for students with discounts. A lot of cultural events, such as exhibitions and concerts take place regularly both in Modena and Reggio Emilia. Concerning the nightlife, there are a lot of things to do too. Students have discounts in discos, theatres and exhibitions which are normally very good and widely appreciate by everyone. Instead of, there are a wide variety of pubs and cafes, from the Irish pub to the Caribbean one. People normally do not get bored in these cities. In conclusion, if you are still undecided about your future university or if you are going to do your Erasmus here, just have a look to UNIMORE University website at www.unimore.it or have a look at the various other study programmes offered in Italy.


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